Logan's Brake Pads

Logan's Brake Pads


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If your FLAUNT Bike came with Logan Brake Calipers (around 2021), these pads are the correct replacement.

These pads can also be used in any disc brake caliper that fits the style 20 brake pads.

Pad Style ID: 20 Compatibility: Origin8 Vise Hyd-Mech / Shimano Alfine R505, Alfine S500, Alfine S501, Deore M535, M545, Deore M585, Deore M595, M596, Deore M655, M665, M601, Deore M765, Deore M775, Deore M800, Deore M975, T605,
Pad Material: Organic
Compound: Standard
Brand: Logan's
Backplate: Steel