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Over 20 Features, Two Beautiful Bikes.

Electric bikes the look like bikes, feel like bikes, and ride like bikes.

The FLAUNT Atticus

The FLAUNT Atticus is an Eco-friendly Beast!

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Certified Light Electric Vehicle Association (LEVA) Technicians and Trainers. Lab tested products that meet or exceed all of the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) standards. However, what we are most proud of is to be appreciated and adored by FLAUNT Customers Worldwide.

The FLAUNT Vicko

Welcome to the e-bike Revolution!

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Perhaps because we like to nip any potential issues in the bud. Or perhaps because FLAUNT Electric Bikes really are built as well as they say! We think both, but we'll let you decide.

Leading the way in Quality, Value, and Trust.

Custom Tires

Quite possibly the only electric bike company out there that allows their customers to choose from dozens of different tire and color options!

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FLAUNT Electric Bike Rentals

See the sights and rent a FLAUNT e-Bike through our rental partners, Good Times NSB.

More than just a bike brand, FLAUNTING is a lifestyle...

More and more FLAUNT customers are ditching their cars whenever possible to enjoy a more healthy & less stressful form of transportation. Did we mention the joys of not having to pay for gas, parking just about anywhere, and navigating around traffic?

Custom Colorways - It's Our Thing!

Contact us today or simply add items to your cart that you would like installed on your bike.

The Buck Stops Here.

When you purchase a FLAUNT you have the confidence in knowing that our office, retail center, and service center are operating 7 days a week. We stock all FLAUNT Electric Bike parts in-house, and service FLAUNT Bikes (as well as most of the off-brand bikes & electric bikes in our area) through our dedicated Service Center.

Out of State Customers have the comfort in knowing that FLAUNT leaves no customer left behind. We coordinate with local bike shops before you arrive, should you ever need any service outside of our reach. It's just what we do!

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