Over 20 Features, One Beautiful Bike.

More than just a bike brand, FLAUNTING is a lifestyle...

More and more FLAUNT customers are ditching their cars whenever possible to enjoy a more healthy & less stressful form of transportation. Did we mention eliminating parking issues & traffic?

The first eBike for Everyone.

Leading the way in Quality, Value, and Trust among our customers.

There is a Worldwide Shortage of Bicycle Parts But FLAUNT's Delivering Later This Month!

Due to the crazy times that we are all living in, more and more people have been motivated to get out of the house and exercise, stay healthy, get some Vitamin D, and ride bikes! It's great, however it has caused a worldwide shortage in parts. Fortunately for FLAUNT we have had our components on backorder and will be receiving them soon. Please let us know if we can help, and thank you for checking out FLAUNT Electric Bikes!


FLAUNT Customers enjoy 20% off their first accessory order, and 10% off for life. Purchase a bike and we will email you the discount code for accessories.

Customize your FLAUNT Experience!

FLAUNT is also a premiere distributor of Onewheel boards and accessories.

We have one of the largest selections of Onewheel boards and all of the accessories you could ever need! 

Here on Vacation?

Now visitors can FLAUNT too!  Purchase a FLAUNT Electric Bike or a Onewheel from FLAUNT and we will re-box and ship to your home at the end of your stay, so you can enjoy eco-friendly transportation while on vacation, as well as when you're at home!

Rent a FLAUNT Bike from us and we will refund the rental rate if you choose to purchase the bike (*up to $100).

FLAUNT eBike Rental Rates:

1/2 Day $40

Full Day $70

Contact us today for reservations and for home/hotel delivery options: info@flauntvehicles or (386)742-9005