CBD Infused Face Sunscreen SPF 50

CBD Infused Face Sunscreen SPF 50


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CaniSun SPF 50 Face contains 3oz of pure CBD-infused sunscreen.

300 mg pure CBD isolate (zero THC).

All Canisun products are Reef Friendly to protect our environment.

Canisun is the first FDA compliant CBD infused sunscreen on the market. They use only the highest quality ingredients and 100% pure hemp extract so you know their products are safe for the whole family. With a tireless devotion to quality, sourcing, and customer care, CaniSun aims to harness the scientifically-backed health benefits of hemp to help people live more fulfilling lives through a variety of products they already use daily.

CaniSun products meet the strictest quality standards, made with natural ingredients, and are infused with 100% pure hemp extract. Each CaniSun product has undergone clinical testing, dermatologist testing, SPF evaluation, and critical wavelength and product stability testing. They’re Hypoallergenic and offer broad spectrum UVA/UVB protection validated by an FDA approved lab.