FLAUNT Customer Biking to NJ For Charity!

FLAUNT Electric Bicycles Customer Embarks on East Coast Journey to Raise Funds for Service Industry Workers and Animal Non-Profit.


FLAUNT Electric Bicycles is thrilled to announce that Donna Skurat, a loyal customer of FLAUNT, has embarked on a journey from New Smyrna Beach, Florida, to New Jersey, to raise funds for Service Industry Workers that have been affected by the Covid-19 Pandemic as well as Animal Non-Profits that have been overwhelmed with re-homing animals post-Pandemic. Donna has taken it upon herself to help others along her journey by assisting the people she meets along the way, often feeling compelled by some of the stories that she hears. She is funding the entire trip on her own, and all proceeds will go directly to those in need.


This is not Donna's first attempt at this journey, as she first set out in 2020 to help service industry employees who lost their jobs during the Covid-19 pandemic. Although Donna does not come from a cycling background, she began riding bikes on a consistent basis back in 2017 when she purchased her first bike from FLAUNT Electric Bicycles. Prior to that, Donna had purchased a gas scooter, but it had only given her lots of headaches. FLAUNT assured Donna that she could have more confidence and peace of mind to cruise around, commute, run errands, and gain exercise on a FLAUNT Electric Bike.


Donna left New Smyrna Beach on April 9th at 9am, unfortunately during a Nor'easter (on Easter) along the Eastern coast of the US. Despite the rain and 20-30 mile per hour headwinds, Donna is using her FLAUNT Electric Bicycle to travel from Florida to New Jersey. She regularly takes her bike round-trip from New Smyrna Beach, FL to St. Augustine, and back, averaging 70+ miles to a charge on her FLAUNT 17.5 Amp Hour battery pack on pedal assist level 3, in Eco Mode. With the heavy winds, Donna's average went down to 40 miles per charge, but she is well prepared with two batteries for her trip.


FLAUNT Electric Bicycles is proud to have sponsored Donna on both of her attempts to make it to New Jersey. We have outfitted her bike with Axiom Panniers, as well as an Axiom Trunk Bag. We also gave Donna some extra lights for her journey, a full tune-up, new brake pads, and some new tires and tire liners. We wish Donna the best of luck in her journey, which should be completed towards the end of the month.


Donna's journey is ultimately helping the community in which she lives, as well as the communities on her way. If you would like to help Donna on her journey, or read along for her daily updates, please visit her GoFundMe page at https://gofund.me/f34d919e. Together, we can support the Service Industry Workers and Animal Non-Profits that need our help the most.